A Women's Whey...

FIT Physique offers a soy and whey protein base drink enriched with vitamins and mineral.  This drink is designed specifically for women.  Essentially, “ready to drink” protein supplements a traditional meal would contain.  A competitive edge of the “ready to drink” protein shake for women versus the competitors’  protein powder mixes, is the elimination of the time-consuming and inconvenient endeavor of preparing a full-fledged meal or for the busy woman who doesn’t necessarily have access to a blender every time her body calls for a protein shake.  Each shake is premixed and ready to drink right from the container.  Ready-to-drink shakes are extremely practical because they are compact and easy to carry.


* Smooth creamy taste

* Gluten Free/Fat Free

* 0% Fat & Cholesterol

* Promotes lean muscle growth

* Meal Replacement/Weight Management

* Satisfies appetite